Hello world! Here I do my blogging about WHAT IS ANTENARRATIVE?

Antenarrative becomes accessible by its attributes: fragmented, non-linear, collective incoherence that is pre-narrative, beneath the entities dominant narrative and living stories, the between these entities, speculative bets on the future, the becoming of fore-care.  In short, antenarrative is constitutive of the totality of storytelling, including its entities, narrative and living story.

These attributes (fragmented, collective, nonlinear, incoherence, pre-narrative, speculative bet…) are defining characteristics of antenarrative, the entity we are talking about.  Antenarrative must already ‘Be’ before any other ways of storytelling substantiality (especially narrative and living story) that makes up ‘storytelling’ existence.  But these entities (narrative-antenarrative-living stories) do not make up the ‘real’ Being of storytelling, but rather the velocity and volatility of antenarrative  which makes narrative-petrification and living story web entities constitute-able. The quantum velocity of antenarrative makes petrified-narrative impossible, and structural networks of living story webs impossible, the volatility forfeits corporeal Being (Heidegger, 1962: #91).

Our ontological question is ‘what makes up the Being of storytelling entities?‘  For storytelling to change its path, its shape, and mattering, the antenarratives must sustain all the changes, constitute the substantiality of both narrative and living story. The antenarrative is constituting the substantiality of storytelling which has ontological aspects of Being that needs no other entity for antenarrative to be. The Being of antenarrative mattering, its substantiality is characterized by not needing anything at all in the authentic sense of being constitutive of the mattering of narrative and living story (Heidegger, 1962: #92).  In other words in antenarrative theory, it is antenarrative threads of intentionality that produce and sustain the changeability of narrative and living story, and is constitutive of the horizon of the storytelling worldhood and its sustentation (the act of sustaining the life of storytelling Being-in-the-world).

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