Spatiality of Antenarrative is not in calculated quantitative measured, Rather its in the ANTES, the bets on the future

The spatiality of antenarrative “Being in space” (Heidegger, 1962: #105). This antenarrative spatiality is not “Being-present-at-hand”, not position in Euclidean space, but rather antenarrative encountered with the Storytelling world in “characters of de-severance and directionality” (IBID.).

The antenarrative spatiality is both active and transitive, not a Euclidean distance by a bystander observer. To ‘antenarrate‘ is a transitive verb, a direct action, ready-to-Hand, not merely present-at-hand, deseverance that makes farness vanish, or closeness seem interminable.  It is more about yonder, nor measures, calculated, but estimated ‘antes‘, those bets on the future coming our way. It is not “quantitative stretch” or “officially calculated” (Heidegger, 1962: #106).  Antenarrative is a transitive pathway, yonder that becomes the ‘here’ within an environment ready-to-hand, where concern and heart-of-care dwells. As such the heart-of-concern that is already antenarratively connected environmentally, is akin to Heisenberg’s Observer Effect that is circumspectively discovered in advance, where “yonder” comes back to its ‘here'” (Heidegger, 1962: #108).