The ‘Antenarrative’-pathway from HOMELESS to HOMED –>Above homeless in London are SPIKED to keep sleeping rough, in Las Cruces New Mexico there are tents but ‘Oh so cold in winter’ and in tent 130 degrees in summer sun, so why not build ‘Tiny Homes’ and get our homeless veterans Homed in economic sustainability, on wheels, to meet all the codes, in Nature, to decompress from SPIKE and Tent Life?

We have started a pathway from Homeless (Spikes, and Tent-Day-Camps) to Tiny Homes at, as a program of Veterans Theater Foundation. You can read about SPIKE-Solutions to Worldwide homeless at this site

Too many organizations purporting to have Spike or Tent-Solutions for the Homeless, appropriate the living stories of homeless veterans (& all homeless) into an organizational narrative, speaking FOR the Homeless, rather than Homeless Speaking for themselves. Such organizational narratives, are one-sided, but quite helpful for fundraising, yet are a distortion of the living stories of the homeless veterans. This is why we formed Veterans Theater Foundation, to invite the homeless veterans, and veterans on the pathway to Being-Homed, tell their own living stories, and get paid for it, by ticket-paying audiences. The money raised goes to putting on more plays and to One of our Projects is Legacy Ranch, 100 plus acres for Tiny Homes (cabins on wheels, some on foundations), in-order-to provide soldiers and their families post-deployment with a place and space to decompress, and when ready, get into Nature, work with horses and other animals, maybe even get some anonymous counseling. Camp Chimney Spring in Cloudcroft NM  is for sale. These 300 acres could be the site for a Southern New Mexico Legacy Ranch. It could serve both veterans and families in Tiny Homes and in Homeless Veterans, and Homeless who need to take a break from SPIKES and TENTS, and get some away time, space to decompress.

This Camp Chimney could become Legacy Ranch. It is more than spatial position in Cloudcroft, or equipment such as American Flags you see flown by US Veterans at day shelters (once upon a time on their own tent pads). I should know I made sturdy poles in my blacksmith shop, and made iron attachments to the wood base of the pad.


Above two Regulation Military-Grade Flags on Veteran’s Tents at a day shelter somewhere in the American southwest, and here is framing I made in my blacksmith shop to meet the code (non-permanent attachment to pad).

Flag Pole bracket made in Boje's blacksmith shop

Flag Pole bracket made in Boje’s blacksmith shop

Agencies have different concerns than homeless veterans. Agency’s concern is meeting the City codes for day camps, and needs of insurance,  should a make shift pole come loose, or a pole be hit by lightning.  Veterans, on the other hand, like a flag, ready-to-hand, ready-to-fly nearby, not ‘Yonder’ on a pole in the vegetable garden.  A Flag and pole Being-alongside, together, not ‘yonder’ to bring flag back to its ‘here’ at tent-side (Heidegger, 1962: #108). We are not talking about measured space, with a ruler, rather the ‘yonder’ ‘hither’ and ‘wither’ space of how a homeless veteran interprets a flag and pole ready-to-hand a salute, to raise and lower, to be responsible fore.  Going outside one’s tent when inside its 130 degrees, and lowering the flag to keep it save from a high wind. This is how one crosses over from homeless veteran to making a tent one’s home.

The space of SPIKE sleeping-rough to the space of at Tent City, and onto the space of a Tiny Home, is an antenarrative traverse, of the “between” (Heidegger, 1962: #108).

Here antenarrative must traverse spatially, the veteran homeless, discovering the space of home and the between tent and Homed. A 130 degree in-the-sun tent is not a Home, its a torture.  Sure its better than the SPIKED life of sleeping-rough, but who dares call it Home. The antenarrative traverse of the ‘between’ of this distance between Tent and Homed, is a directionality and a deseverance. The directionality is obvious from Homeless to Tented to Tiny Home to Self-Sustainability. De-severance is bringing the far close, not in a way of tape measures, or rulers, but rather in the discovery of the pathway, the journey, the traverse of the distance between Homeless and Homed.

The de-severent Bing-in-a-Tent-at_130 degrees midday-summer-sun, has a directionality towards Homeless, not Homed. Even bringing-close the promised Section 8 HUD housing is not a traverse until Home is brought close, the Homeless Veteran crossing a great divide from agency-dependency to sustainability.

More to come