How to Map Quantum Storytelling? Blog Aug 26 2015 David M. Boje, Ph.D.

It’s happening, the Quantum Storytelling Conference, December 17-19 in Los Angeles.

The first day is at Steel Case, and its our corporate outreach. To make Quantum sensible in that world, we have a brand name ‘Big Story Conference’ see Now what about the next two days?

December 18 and 19th, the organizers from Quantum Storytelling, are going to ‘map’ it.

What does it mean to “map” quantum storytelling?  If you are thinking of a visual mapping, that is a very small part of it. Mapping can be by theater, dance, and ‘dérive walking.’ Guy Debord defines the dérive as “a mode of experimental behavior linked to the conditions of urban society: a technique of rapid passage through varied ambiances.”  We might just talk a walk from  Steelcase WorkLife Center (AT&T Center 1150 South Olive Street
Los Angeles) over to Hotel Figueroa (939 South Figueroa St), and then to our venue for December 18th and 19th, the Van de Kamp Innovation Center. 2930 Fletcher Drive, Los Angeles


There are two maps: One map of Quantum Storytelling is the metric walking and driving distances between Steel Case (1150 South Olive Street), Hotel Figueroa (939 South Figueroa St) and Van de Kamp (2930 Fletcher Drive).  Second map, how we can walk between Hotel and Steel Case.  The spatial distance is relative to the transportation.  And to walk to and from Hotel Figueroa to Steel Case depends on the route, either 11 or 12 minutes, but to get to Van de Kamp, we will need to drive car 19 minutes, or take a bus 37 minutes.

Note: ‘David’ is in the upper right corner of the map. This is part of ‘Observer Effect’ and David the map-maker of this particular Quantum Storytelling.


Walking to and from Hotel Figueroa and Steel Case WorkLife Center, what kind of dérive  walk, through urban landscape will this be? Will we notice varied ambiances of urban society? Perhaps more than the bus or car rides between Van de Kamp and Hotel Figueroa.

We can zoom into using the Satellite Maps and get a street view, without even going to Los Angeles.


As ‘flaneurs’ the idler, tarrying for a while, to walk the urban streets, from here the Hotel, to there the Corporate site, will take us on a spatial adventure through urban worldhood.

To map Quantum Storytelling is in part, about scalability, zooming in and zooming out, taking in more detail, or seeing more broadly.  Doing our flaneuring derive walking, we may notice the groundlessness in spacetimemattering.  I hope to become aware of care. In caring for the walk, creating a space for stories of urban landscape, a spacetimemattering is happening, a “spatial Being-in” a “nowhere and that which “threatens me” bringing City up close and because “it is already there” the face of that threatens my Self, Being-in Los Angeles, an anxiety becomes manifest “within-the-world” becomes manifest “in the face of which one has anxiety” and this is the quantum map part of it, the world “obtrudes itself” (Heidegger, 1962: #187).

That which is in-the-world, mapped quantumly obtrudes itself, is becoming noticeable, in the intrusive way, imposing a spacetimemattering force on my Self, and my Observer Effect, unduly prominent in the map, and unwarranted insistence on walking, riding the bus, not staying locked in a car, but rather tarrying for a while, to encounter the city.

I might veer of the Google Map preferred walking path, and head a bit southeast, to skid row. In our virtual flaneuring, there the tents along the sidewalk.

skidrow_tents A firetruck readies a hose, the insignificance of the homeless in Las Angeles,, an unasked shout out to the homeless by me how this is “nothing and nowhere” of quantum storytelling space within-the-world of so little importance in themselves” because homelessness in all its worldhood” insignificance to the fire fighters, yet so fearsome, a turning-away,”the turning away of falling is grounded rather in anxiety, which in turn is what first makes fear possible” (Heidegger, 1962: # 186-187). A skidrow worldhod obtrudes itself  and “what it is “ontically  by such a way of talking” in everyday discourse, the concerning itself with the ready-to-hand and talking about it” in the standpoint which “anxiety is anxious is nothing ready-to-hand within-the-world” (Heidegger, 1962: #187).

I am anxious to be on the ground, walking the street, the possibility of what is ready-to-hand and often I find it was really nothing, suddenly something obtrudes or I intrude, and something noticeable becomes unduly prominent.

Tent cities form in Los Angeles, sometimes for theatrical reasons. tent_city_LA_theater

‘Twilight’ Fans Camp Out At Nokia Theatre In Los Angeles Forming Mini-Tent City  YBMW Staff on June 23rd, 2010

The spacetimemattering of mapping Quantum Storytelling, as you have no doubt guessed, is not the Euclidian map of 3D map, nor the clock-time seconds, minutes, hours measured mechanically. And the ‘mattering’ of ‘what matters’ is an effect of Observer Effect, which does prompt tents, in my standpoint, to obtrude, to be noticeable, to be a force to reckon with. Tents are something in the world, ontologically that belongs to ways antenarrative is constitutive, participating, already in mostly space, not a nothing, but something, anxiety attunes to, discloses something “deliberately about it”(Heidegger, 1962: #187).

Let’s call it Quantum anxiety, the potentiality-for-Being-in-the-world itslef, environmentally, in walking towards the world, its Nature.

I was at a meeting of a City someplace in the southwest, yesterday. I heard more than one participant say that ‘day shelter’ in tent is not a home. And that HUD Section 8 living in an apartment is not a home, rather these are transitional and temporary arrangements provided by government, administered by agencies, some non-profits too.  The idea of ‘tent’ in a tent city is more ambiguously stated, where home has some kind of potentiality-for-Being-in-the-world, even in a tent, in a homeless camp.  I ran into this same kind if indifference to ‘home’ of the ‘homeless’ working as a volunteer for six years in Nickerson Gardens.

In the struggle between authentic Salf and inauthentic self, between the publicness narrative of homelessness, and what it is Being-homeless, I am persuaded by Corey Anton’s (2001) book, Selfhood and Authenticity. We cannot keep recirculating the tired old superficial narratives, even when they go fractal-narrative in their selfsameness scalability, rather attuning (tuning-in) to the threads of intention of all the participants lets us understand how contested and problematic it is to map out a Quantum Storytelling space, especially, one I called ‘home’ for 15 years, as a assistant professor at UCLA, and a full professor at Loyola Marymount University.

I want to understand interpret what is home in all its spacetimemattering, but not using an odometer, or a stop watch, but rather, in attunements.  Home seems something we can “individualize” in “its ownmost potentiality-for-Being” in a freedom of choice of taking hold of itself, this thing called home (Heidegger, 1962: #188). Irony, I used to call Los Angeles my home, and now I call Las Cruces, home. For Heidegger home is “Being-free” (IBID.) I seem to be anxious about being home, and it reveals itself in my Quantum Storytelling, in mapping the face of anxious Being-in-the-world, authentically, and moving away from Being-there inauthentically. So for me, to individualize, and not “solus ipse” (Means alone Self) “innocuous emptiness of a worldless occurring”  (IBID.).

Ontologically, mapping Quantum Storytelling, occurs through encounters with attunements to Being-in-the-world, spacetimemattering, and that is all about scalability, what Tonya Henderson (2015) call fractal.  And to do fractal change management means understanding and interpreting what is the interplay of fractal narratives (tents are temporary shelters City & State provide, but definitely homes are not welcome, and individualizing is strictly prohibited). Then there are fractal living-stories, webs of them, and these webs can blind you, make you unable to see, hear, or be touched by the Other’s living stories.

That bring us to “uncanny” which literally means “unhomelike” the nothing and nowhere that is still while uncanniness is there, a something “not-being-at-home” (Heidegger, 1962: #189). Homelessness, defined as not-bing-at-home, even when the City provides a tent space in a tent city, along side the “publicness of the ‘they’ so the “individualized sell” “Being-at-home” can never be more than temporary, and in a world where the options have collapsed where “not-at-home” is for many hidden and visible homeless what is left, and that is the definition of “uncanniness” (IBID).

The count found 44,359 homeless in Los Angeles County, a 12 percent increase since the last count in 2013. About 70 percent of those individuals were unsheltered — meaning they were sleeping on the streets or in cars — versus in homeless shelters.May 11, 2015

The ascendency of Being-home is increasingly rare, and that is an “existentill Fact of ‘real’ anxiety” when you are not even on the map Heidegger, 1962: # 190-191).

Anxiety is an attunement, one that is possible to encounter in making a map of Quantum Storytelling, and the relation between what has authenticity and what is inauthenticity on the map of possibilities for Being-in-the-worldhood.

But, I can hear colleagues shouting in my ears, “David, we are not hear on Las Angeles, to talk about homes and not-at-home and no home at all for 44,359, of which, an estimated 10,000 are veterans.  Everyone knows, we are here to talk to corporations, to executives, about, how to map Quantum Storytelling?”

What is Quantum Storytelling?  For-the-sake-of-which corporations will attend, and are Being-already-in the Situation of which you speak, and map. Corporations are “fleeing in the face of uncanniness” and are more concerned with branding story in the publicness of he “they” Heidegger, 1962: # 1920192).

I know it. But I want to make a point: Antenarrative is “ahead-of-itself-Being-already-in-a-world” and “this being fills in the significance of the term ‘care‘ [Sorge]” and the tendency in mapping our Quantum Storytlling is ontically “such as worry [Besorgnis] of carefreeness [Sorglosigkeit], is rulled out”Heidegger, 1962: # 193).

As we do a Mapping of Quantum Storytelling, ontically, its the attunements that define the spacetimemattering, the scalability of self-sameness of the fractality. The fractal-narratives head into the grand narrative scalability, while the living-story-fractal aims for the ground, but it is the antenarrative-fractal that constitutes before-beneath-between-bets-becoming, and its the fore-care, its becoming that is obtruding in my mapping, here, now, in its anxiety-attunements.  Quantum storytelling is the forging of story out of the fire, and forging takes water, air, earth and making a space for story.


For more on the conference, how we are Pulling Story Out of the Fire (see Thank you.


Anton, C. (2001). Selfhood and Authenticity. SUNY Press.

by Tonya Henderson (Author),David M. Boje (Author)