PART III of Quantum Storytelling: Do Corporations have an Authentic Heart-of-Care? Blog David M. Boje, Ph.D. Aug 27 2015

Let’s ask the Quantum Storytelling Question: Do Corporations have an Authentic Heart-of-Care?

The short answer, Corporation’s Heart-of-Caring begins already in willing, wishing, urging, and becomes leveled to an addiction to concern, an inauthentic takes root, and roots up the authentic Heart-of-Care.

Let’s begin with a fable that (Heidegger, 1962: # 198) tells:

Once when ‘Care’  was crossing a river, she saw a some clay; she thoughtfully took up a piece and began to shape it. While she was meditating on what she had made, Jupiter came by. ‘Care’ asked him to give it spirit, and this he gladly granted. But when she wanted her name to be bestowed upon it, he forebade this, and demanded that it be given his name instead. While ‘Care’ and Jupiter were disputing, Earth arose and desired that her own name be conferred on the creature, since she had furnished it with part of her body. They asked Saturn to be their arbiter, and he made the following decision, which seemed a just one: ‘Since you, Jupiter, have given its spirit, you shall receive that spirit at its death; and since you, Earth, have given its body, you shall receive its body. But since ‘Care’ first shaped this creature, she shall possess it as long as it lives. And because there is now a dispute among you as to its name, let it be called ‘homo’, for it is made of humus (earth).” – fable by Franz Bücheler (June 3, 1837 – May 3, 1908), in English translation.

The antenarrative of ‘care’ everyday, is the ‘humus’ (Earth), and Being-in-the-world, posthuman, is “the stamp of ‘care'” (Heidegger, 1962: # 199).

Care, including corporate-care has a double meaning “anxious exertion” and “carefulness”/”devotedness” (IBID.).  There is a lot of anxious exertion going on by and in corporations quantum storytelling as well as devotedness, but the carefulness, that is another story.

Here we will look at that Becoming of fore-care, antenarrating by and within corporations, through and through in spacetimemattering sojourn, in our existential-ontological Interpreting and understanding of corporate-care, in a world “full of care” and “devotedness” to something but not always in caring ways of heart-of-care that is already underlying, antenarrating its possibility, obtruding (IBID.). After all, one facet of antenarrating, is Bing of Care, as it goes through a spiral, from Becoming potentiality-for-Being authentically and then becomes just practical concerns, inauthentically Being-in, but not in the way before it fell downward, and became inauthentic. Antenarrative is already-Being-in-the-world, for-the-sake-of-care, but has welded together in a direction of fleeing in the face of uncanniness (homelessness), as the path of the ‘they’ takes over, especially takes over the branding of care in corporate storytelling.

Quantum storytelling is always moving in multiple directions, homing in on a region within the whole ontological structure of storytelling, and Being-ahead-of-itself-Being-already-in-the-world and itself, antenarrating in the Becoming of fore-care (IBID. #193). The directionality initially towards solicitude of care, veers off, spirals, falling and becomes a fractality, of corporate-care for only itself. Heart-of-care is not selfish, not an attitude towards the self, because in quantum storytelling the “Self has already been characterize ontological by ‘Being-ahead-of-itself” in fore-care (IBID.). Being-ahead-of-itself, is not Euclidian space, nor is it Clock time, nor the matter of naive materialism, but rather it is spacetimemattering, ontologically, existentially. 

Heart-of-care must be free, “Being-free” authentically, in potentiality of existential possibilities, in quantum storytelling potentiality-for-Being, authentically, and encountering its own inauthenticity, the ‘they’, the sham of care, the imposter. for which the Being of fore-care is an issue.Care lies antenarratively Before, eery factical, every attitude, every Situation, in fore-care, in the Becoming of care, that our quantum storytelling mapping activity is pursuing.

The first assumption of Quantum storytelling Mapping is that the activity does not make theoretical a priority over the pragmatic (practical). Quantum storytelling is already entangling itself, even the corporate-self in practicality, in their possibilities of Becoming, fore-care, a corporate that cares about something heartfelt.

Fore-care begins already in willing, wishing, urging, addiction, and this ontological necessity of caring that is corporate care Experiences a stream of undifferentiated experience, but quickly differentiates meaning of its corporate care, its grounding in care, solicitude, yet still “Being-ahead-of-itself”(Heidegger, 1962: # 194).  Here is a map, here, now, and in hyperspace mattering of the spiral of corporate care.


The above Mapping of Quantum Storytelling of Corporate-Care, as a Spiral-Antenarrative. Is it possible to ascend, to recover fore-care?

We will return to this question in the next blog. To close, we will do the un-ontologic move.

Let’s do some Quantum Storytelling Mapping Theory.

I know its the wrong move, but there is such an academic expectation of defining things, by their attributes, in preparation for metrics of measurement. So now the leveling of practice, rendering it as pure theory, with my apologies to practice: Quantum Storytelling is the spacetimemattering, ontologically constitutive of the ground that so-called ‘grounded theory’ and Russian formalism has reduced ground to fabula (chronological order) and narrative syuzhet (emplotment) (see what I put on Wikipedia on this).

Quantum Storytelling of corporate ‘storytelling organizations’ (Boje, 1991Boje, 1995; Boje, 2008). ‘Storytelling organization’ is defined as “collective storytelling system in which the performance of stories is a key part of members’ sense-making and a means to allow the to supplement individual memories with institutional memory (Boje, 1991: 106; Boje, 1995: 1000). And it is rooted already in Quantum Storytelling.

Quantum Storytelling is still being defined, but here are some starting points:

Quantum storytelling is defined as “agential in its effects. The energy and momentum is being understood as Quantum Vibratory Frequency Waveforms (QVFW) that interconnects by momentum of events forming a path our organization, and we, are on” Quantum storytelling is defined as “‘Space’ [that] is all possible places of co-location of a Waveform-matrix that when collapsed by Observer Effect, the possibilities become probabilities of just a few manifesting actualities of our organizing.” For more on this see Quantum Storytelling Assumptions study guide. Then the Quantum Storytelling conference community, jumped in with the Being Quantum book (Boje & Henderson, 2014, editors). We defined Quantum storytelling as a triad of three sorts of spacetimemattering that is multiplicity Being-in-the-world, one of which is an antenarrative-rhizome ‘in-the’-middle’, middling between things, moving without memory tactically” (Boje and Henderson, 2014: 6-7).

In Conclusion, if there is one, I want to point out that the Heart-of-Care of Corporations, comes into a clash with Heart-of-Care of homelessness activists.

For example, this just in:

“Homeless people who resist orders to impound or give up their possessions or fold up their tents could still be cited or arrested under a general city code for failure to comply with officers’ orders, police said during the committee meeting.
The proposed penalties had drawn fierce opposition from civil rights lawyers, clergy and homeless advocates, who accused council members of criminalizing homelessness and trying to push indigent people out of rapidly gentrifying neighborhoods, including downtown and Venice.

Downtown interests turned out in support of the ordinance as written, including Marie Rumsey, legislative director for the Central City Assn. of Los Angeles, a business group.

“There are many rights downtown, including the rights of the community to have clean and safe sidewalks,” Rumsey said.

That’s like debtors’ prison. Only in America, I swear.

  • David Martinez, 67, who said he lost car, license and livelihood because of $950 in traffic tickets triggered when his vehicle broke down in Tijuana

Opponents said homeless people can’t pay tickets, which go to warrant, landing them in jail or disqualifying them from housing and jobs.”


“It’s a big debt,” she said. “I’ll pay every penny back in community service if I can start fresh and get me another car.”

“We’ve seen a lot of people’s lives turned around,” Songhai Miguda-Armstead, supervising deputy city attorney, said of the program, which was recently revived after a hiatus because of recession-era cutbacks.

The Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles was one of half a dozen agencies with representatives stationed at card tables to help people get on welfare, find jobs and housing and fix their records. Attorney Nicole Perez said another option for the city would be to stop citing homeless”

Midnight Mission citation clinic and homeless court
People line up for a skid row homeless court and citation clinic organized by City Atty. Mike Feuer. Participants could have tickets, fines and warrants dismissed in exchange for community service or enrollment in drug counseling or other programs. (Rick Loomis / Los Angeles Times)
By GALE HOLLAND contact the reporter Los Angeles City Council Gil Cedillo Jose Huizar Mike Feuer Mike Bonin Curren Price

L.A. City Council committee votes to ease penalties in homeless ordinance

A key Los Angeles City Council committee on Wednesday moved to soften a controversial new homeless sweeps law, voting to omit arrests and fines for people who refuse to give up their property or put it in storage.

source LA Times Aug 27 2015, read more.


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