Final Part: Mapping Quantum Storytelling of Corporate Care – blog by David M. Boje Ph.D. Aug 30 2015

Mapping Quantum Storytelling of Corporate Care

Please construct a ‘map’ of Quantum Storytelling of Corporate Care.  This is mine. You can also use construction paper, magazines, scissors, and a glue stick to do this, then make it digital, and send it in a reply. Thank you.


Care is about the most primordial decision you can make. Mapping Quantum Storytelling is fundamentally about ‘care.’ Mapping something groundless, is disclosing something but it is not ‘care’.

I want to start with Heidegger’s challenge “if we are to understand the problem of Being, our first philosophical step consists … in not ‘telling a story.’ in “not defining entities by tracing them back in their origin to some other entities, as if Being had the character of some possible entity” (Heidegger, # 6).

What does it mean not ‘telling a story’ for certainly Heidegger, refers to all kinds of telling, gossip, rumors, idle talk, and ‘telling a story’ is not nothing? My answer is that Quantum Storytelling is about ‘telling’ and ‘listening’ to Being-there in the mode of ‘care!’

In my Quantum Storytelling mapping of ‘care’ there is an uncanniness that means literally “not-at-home” (Heidegger, # 169).  The homeless veterans, all the homeless, all the veterans, know what “not-at-home”(Heidegger, # 189) means. When you are in a homeless shelter, a mission, a tent city, just evict, there is this “Being alongside” and the attunement to “fear” and “anxiety” of what it means to “not-being-at-home” and all tranquillized Being-alongside” in a shelter, camp, sleeping rough on the street, or just coming home as a veterans, and some total stranger saying ‘Thank you for your Service to your Country!’ (Heidegger, #141, 189). Nothing more shallow and meaningless than that greeting to a veteran, over the intercom, ‘Thank you for you Service, please board ahead of everyone”. Every time I hear that, I reconsider how no airline ever said such a Vietnam veteran, never said that to me, when I came ‘home.’

Even the veterans organizations did not welcome us to their meetings for quite a long while.  Now I see the same thing gong on to homeless veterans, and more so to the homeless veterans. I was told by University of Illinois faculty, not to mention my being a Vietnam Veteran, lest UCLA not hire me. I ignore the assertion, and was hired regardless.

“Thank you for your service” is a hollow assertion, a careless remark, and at the same time a fractal of “selfsameness” and it points to something being covered up (Heidegger, # 218-219).

These people don’t even know the words that soldiers are using:

IED: Improvised explosive device

FRAGO: Fragmentary order. Fragmentary order is an abbreviated form of an operation order, usually issued on a day-to-day basis, which eliminates the need for restating information contained in a basic operation order.

hillbilly armor: Improvised vehicle armor, salvaged from digging through local landfills for pieces of scrap metal to bolster armor on their vehicles. Typically a half-inch of scrap steel hastily cut in the shape of the door and welded or riveted on. Name derives from Tennessee National Guard 278th Regimental Combat Team, whose Spc. Thomas Wilson grilled SecDef Rumsfeld in December 2004 about the need for such scrounging. “Why do we soldiers have to dig through local landfills for pieces of scrap metal and compromised ballistic glass to up-armor our vehicles?”

KBR: Kellogg, Brown&Root — The biggest contractor serving the Coalition Forces. ƒ

RPG: Rocket Propelled grenade. Insurgentslike to fire these at coalition forces. ƒ

S-shops: Battalion-level organizations that handle administrative duties.

See More Military Jargon of Afghanistan and Iraq

How about some Homeless Terms, most Social Service Agencies don’t know, when they assert “thank you”.

Backslider – A weak person.
Bad actor – A dangerous person.
Bad road – A railroad line that would rather kill a hobo than to allow him to obtain a “free” ride.
Baldy – Generally an old man “with a high forehead.”
Bale of straw – A blonde woman. Source: American Tramp and Underworld Slang.
Balloon – A bedroll. A roll of bedding carried on the back, a bindle.
Balloon juice – Idle talk. Source: American Tramp and Underworld Slang.
Balling the jack – A freight train which is rolling fast. Also see highball.

More Hobo jargon  My grandfather Raymond Victor Eator, was a hobo, used to using terms like Balling the Jack, and the Bad road. He made moonshine during the great depression, and hopped freights from Washington State to California, and back.


My grandfather Raymond Eaton.

During the great depression he was a bootlegger (stock market crash was Black Tuesday, Oct 29 1929; New Deal 1933-1938). With one eye (lost in dynamite accident) he could not go into military. Raymond joined the bootleggers; he began distilling alcohol in his home. Prohibition became a law earlier in Washington State (on Jan 1 1916), than in the nation.

By all accounts, my Grandma Wilda and Grandpa Ray were no strangers to homelessness. Their cabin in the woods, did not have a dirt floor, and except for Wilda hitting a squirrel or rabbit by throwing a stone, not much to eat.

When my dad married my mother, and after the death of twins, I was born, and out of WWII Pacific, then back again for WWII, on my birth certificate, is something my dad wanted me to dwell upon, an unemployed veterans, and by this I took it to mean, homeless veteran, between WWII and Korean War, and during leave from Korean combat, he built a home.

“There were over 67,000 homeless United States military veterans in 2011. Craig Hinds — who served two tours of duty in Afghanistan and Iraq  — was one of them” Source.

My bother Kevin, and my sister Karen, are homeless, backsliding in America, neither one, served in the military. My other brother Steve, died many years ago, a life of heroin. A former department head at my university forbade me to ever talk of my family in class. Freedom of speech, is kind of an illusion these day.

I teach in the Business School, and things about homeless and veterans, and family in poverty, and the Spice-world, all that is subject matter for other colleges. I of course disagree.

I was homeless for 60 days, and that was something, as I shared in an earlier blog.  It teaches you about ‘care’.’

What has this to do with mapping Quantum Storytelling? Answer “taking entities out of their hiddenness and letting them be seen” (Heidegger, # 219). Coming out of hidden, from the hiddenness to the unhiddeness, is what mapping Quantum Storytelling is all about.  Otherwise we just are mapping “pseudo-problems”(Heidegger, # 220).

What about care?  “Care is ahead of itself” n a disclosedness of the ‘there’  that reveals (discloses) its potentiality-for-Being(Heidegger, # 221).  ITs a thither, hither, whither, a kind of spatiality hidden from narrative, “disguised and closed off by idle talk, curiosity and ambiguity” attunements and just “sinks back again” in a kind of mapping “robbery” (Heidegger, # 222).

There is an uncovering pathway and a hiding pathway (in Parmenides Poem) in mapping Quantum Storytelling, but the pathway of “the structure of care” now that is what its all about (Heidegger, # 223).

A stanza from Parmenides Poem:

“20 future ? Or how could it come into being ? If it came into
being, it is not; nor is it if it is going to be in the future. Thus is
becoming extinguished and passing away not to be heard of.
Nor is it divisible, since it is all alike, and there is no more
of it in one place than in another, to hinder it from holding
together, nor less of it, but everything is full of what is” (source).

While mapping Quantum Storytelling uncovers the hiddenness of something, it also “moves into the kind of Being of that which is ready-to-hand within-the-world”, the Being as care where one is able to come to a decision (Heidegger, # 225, 228). Beneath the fanciful ideation of a mapping, is an ontological state of Being of care being passed over, groundless in idealism and realism (see last post)., in either epistemology or ontic (post-positivism). We are talking here of a Quantum Storytelling mapping that is the sate of care, Being-there, and for homeless veterans, and homeless, its “fear about the home” and all that day shelter and couch surfing Being-alongside, the “not-being-at-home” tranquillized in a rescue mission, in its “average everydayness” (Heidegger, #  149,189).

Then we have to ask, what is the root cause of all this? And it comes back the the business of business is just business, without an understanding or answerability for the consequences of such business.

Closing assertion.


Your are hereby invited:

Mapping Quantum Storytelling, events at the Big Story Conference 2015

Where: Van de Kamp Innovation Center, 2930 Fletcher  Dr
Los Angeles, CA 90065

When: Following the December 17th Steel Case immersive theater, Quantum Storytelling will be mapping on December 18th and 19th, 8:30 for coffee, 9AM to 5PM for sessions

Who: The Quantum Storytelling steering group is inviting practitioners and academic, and scholar-practitioners

Why: Its the space, the time, and the mattering, the spacetimemattering event to decide to ‘care.’

What: Instead of death by Power-Point, we will do something non-traditional, and radical, we will make maps by drawing, dancing, theater, and storytelling circles. Instead of sitting in rows and columns, we will become spect-actors, going onto the stage, and collectively mapping Quantum Storytelling.

Due dates: abstracts greater than 100 words, and less than 500 are due to David Boje: by 30 September 2015; You will get some feedback and once accepted, be invited to prepare a Proceedings Paper, that is single spaced, less than 25 pages, with references, tables, figures, and sent to Daphne Deporres  Registration for the conference is now open: and there is an Early Bird discount until September 30, 2015: