Los Angles City is Against Tiny Homes on Wheels for Homeless – blog by David M. Boje, Ph.D. Sep 15 2015

Los Angles City is Against Tiny Homes on Wheels for Homeless 

One of our very own TENT CITY SOLUTIONS http://tentcitysolutions.co is to build or purchase TINY HOMES, go OFF THE GRID, and make them part of what we are calling LEGACY RANCH, a place for veterans and their families to decompress after a combat tour. But this ranch can also be a treat for homeless, a break  from the shelters, missions, and a stopping point for the nomadic homeless who would never stay at shelters or missions.

Constructing Tiny Homes from recyclable materials would be a great industry for Southern New Mexico. I wonder if the Las Cruces City Council will be more welcoming than the LA one.

Across America, people are downsizing the  standardized, 2- by 4 home, and  building Tiny Homes, many have water, toilet, photovoltaic off-the-grid electric. Some states require Tiny Homes to be on wheels.

Some families do not want to work jobs they hate, and will work for less, when they pay less to live in a Tiny Home. Plus its a smaller footprint on the plant.

Tiny Homes: Mortgage-Free And NO Utility Bills – Off The Grid, Self Sufficient Living!


A tiny house is a great way to be mortgage free and stop paying utility bills every month. The tiny house movement is also a great …
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Other Tiny Homes, are on wheels, an alternative to Tents in Tent City, some place that can be locked, and where one can continue to be nomadic.


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“The wooden structures are reminiscent of the small home created by a South Los Angeles man that became famous through a viral video, drawing millions of viewers on YouTube and spurring tens of thousands of dollars in donations to build more tiny homes for those in need.

L.A. city, county will expand homeless outreach on skid row
L.A. city, county will expand homeless outreach on skid row
But after a handful of similar structures appeared in San Pedro, Los Angeles City Councilman Joe Buscaino said he wants them removed immediately, calling them “a threat in many ways to our public safety.”

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The councilman complained the movable homes lacked running water, sewer connections or reflective markings to make them more visible to passing drivers at night. Three have been set up near a county clinic in recent days.
“These shacks are not the solution to end homelessness in our city,” Buscaino said, arguing that the city needs more permanent supportive housing. The councilman said that the people building the homes have good intentions, but the sheds “ultimately will become nuisances.”

In a proposal released Tuesday, the councilman asked for city lawyers to report on whether putting the homes on public streets or private property was legal and to recommend “removal protocol” for city departments” (LA Times).