WHAT DO YOU WANT FOR CHRISTMAS? Blog pos by David M. Boje, Ph.D. Sep 20 2015



Anything but a MALL GIFT! Yuk! Why contribute to the overconsumption, to the holiday gift exchange of more stuff.

Why not give the gift of service. We have this idea of Veterans and Family members, and Homeless and Family Members, each writing individual letters: What I want for Christmas?

Escape the Christmas stress of running up your credit card debt. Instead make a gift of service. Donate a homemade gift. Give five hours of time teaching someone a skill, like ESL, how to budget, how to make a Vegan dish, and so on. Actually spend time with another human being.


  1. Gift has to be either HOMEMADE or a GIFT OF YOUR TIME WITH SOMEONE.
  2. Must actually give the gift in person, your own time, not someone else’s time. 
  3. The gift does NOT produce more dependency.

PROJECT VETERANS THEATER: Dec 2nd 2015 at RIO GRANDE THEATER, the Annual Service Gift Swap, homemade gift, or time with a veterans or the homeless, such a giving an ESL class, doing a project with them, actually being with someone.
Next Performance: December 2nd 7PM 2015 at RIO GRANDE THEATER LAS CRUCES NEW MEXICO
$6 students; $8 adults, $20 front row. Bring A homemade gift or five hours gift of your service time, such as spending actual face time with veteran or homeless. Bring your gift idea, and we will have you draw a STORY OF ACTUAL Veteran or Homeless family from a hat.

STOP DEPENDENCY? The problem with the usual gift swap events, is they are impersonal.  Gifts are given to needs unexpressed. People throw a used coat in a box, a pair of old worn shoes, and call that giving. Yuk!  Give some hours of volunteer time, with the people.

This next item is pure Veterans Administration Ridiculousness:

“Handwritten Christmas cards from schoolchildren were denied distribution to veterans at the Dallas VA Medical Center this week because they referenced the holiday by name, and American Legion National Commander Daniel M. Dellinger is not happy about it. Neither is the Liberty Institute, which has sided with the Legion in opposing a number of other attempts to prevent free expression of speech and religion” – See more at: http://www.legion.org/news/218127/va-christmas-card-ban-defies-law#sthash.ti8fFDtM.dpuf

Hand written cards, a hand made stocking to stuff with something a veterans or homeless or their family members really want – let’s not get hung up on VA bureaucracy.

More at http://veteranstheater.com

Order tickets to Dec 2nd Gift Swap and theater event ‘What do you want for Christmas?’

Reserve YOUR SEAT for 1st Annual Veterans Theater HOMEMADE GIFT SWAP or GIFT OF SERVICE TIME on Dec 2nd 7pm at RIO GRANDE Theater Las Cruces, NM reserve seat at our GoFundMe www.gofundme.com/mol1wc https://www.gofundme.com/mol1wc or veteranstheater@gmail.com MORE INFO: http://veteranstheater.com

Give a Gift of Service to local Veteran and their family, or to local homeless person and their family