Welcome SpiceHeads to SpiceWorld 2015 and the SpiceEpidemic! – blog post by David M. Boje, Oct 1st, 2015

Welcome SpiceHeads to SpiceWorld 2015 and the SpiceEpidemic!


Have you noticed that how many SpiceWorld Narratives are becoming popular?

In 1997 the pop group,Spice Girls did their SpiceWorld movie, musical comedy, a box office super hit, taking in $100 million, breaking audience record of even the Super Bowl. “Spice up your life with the Spice Girls” (movie quote). When the world is in danger, then call upon the Spice Girls, with names: “Posh Spice”, “Scary Spice”, “Baby Spice”, “Sporty Spice”, and “Ginger Spice”.

Spice is also overtaking the world of Internet Technology (‘IT’) is preparing the way for the world, to become SpiceWorld. Their slogan “don’t Worry, We’re from SpiceWorld!.” There are SpiceWorld annual IT conferences, attended by spice users, known as SpiceHeads, who rave about their experience:

“This is my first SpiceWorld and I have to say it didn’t disappoint. Definitely great people, good teaching and awesome entertainment. Thanks SpiceWorks and all the vendors.” – Spice Fan

“SpiceWorld is awesome! Great community. I’m excited to get back and implement what I’ve learned. Thanks!” – IBID.Spice Fan

“This has been another great conference. Lots of good information, spice heads, and vendors.” – IBID.Spice Fan (after typos corrected).

This growing number of SpiceWorlds, from SpiceGirls to SpiceWorks IT, and the Spicy Conferences are paving the way for another kind of SpiceWorld, full of SpiceHeads.

Welcome to the new SpiceBusiness, bent on making the dreamy SpiceWorld of SpiceGirls and SpiceWorks, into a Spicy Fractal Narrative.

In the Fractal-Spicy-Narrative the good SpiceDreams become Spicy-Waking-Nightmares. A fractal is a repeating pattern across scale, from micro to macro. And the SpiceBusiness is a recurring fractal across scale, from every small town to the biggest metropolitan cities, around the entire world.

The SpiceBusiness is doing SpiceTrade in every city around the world. The SpiceBusiness grows organic materials, and inserts some inorganic additive chemicals into the SpicePackaging, and sends it on its way up the SpiceSupplyChain, to SpiceDistributers, and down to the SpiceVendors, to the SpiceUsers, aka, SpiceHeads.  The Codes enforcers, the Police, the Judges, the DEA, and all the Social Workers and Nurses in all the Jails, Shelters, Missions, Detention Centers, Hospitals, Clinics, and Asylums — cannot control the spread of SpiceFlow.


On December 2nd 2015, at the Rio Grande Theater, in Las Cruces, New Mexico, our Veterans Theater troop will enact the play, “Early Christmas” to give you some idea of the Gift of Spice, and its transformation of SpiceWorld by the SpiceBusiness, that has unleashed the SpiceEpidemic.  The SpiceEpidemic is overwhelming the military, with 2000 alleged SpiceHeads receiving dishonorable discharges:

e.g. “

The applicant states, in effect, that his discharge was unfair because it was based on one isolated incident in 23 months of service with only one Article-15 for cleanliness of barracks.  I was accused of being a dirt bag "Spice head."  The evidence was strong against me, drug paraphernalia was found in my barracks room... (Military Court Papers).

From the IT SpiceHeads, come this question in the SpiceBlog:

“My question boils down to this, are there any SpiceHeads out there that are active/reserve in any branch of military that do IT?” (SpiceBlog).

A blogger replies: “I’ve looked into doing the same for the Marines. One thing I was told, at least in regards to the Marines, is that even though your job could be in IT, you can be called to the front lines at any time.”

Another blogger, replies yes: “I started college right after high school and should have taken a break first, so i missed a lot of class etc. So i decided i was going to drop out and join the military, and if you’re going to join the military why not make it as challenging as possible, right? So i signed up for the Marine Corps.”

Our play, “Early Christmas” is about a different SpiceWorld, where the early gift of Spice can take your life.


Our Navy veterans, now SpiceHead, is picked up by the police, and transported to the Las Vegas, New Mexico.


Las Vegas, NM Territorial Insane Asylum
http://www.koat.com/news/target-7-goes-inside-the-las-vegas-mental-institution/25885364 was built 1889, renamed ‘Behavioral Hospital for the Insane,” and more recently “Behavioral Health Institute’,  also known as the State of New Mexico’s one and only, “Psychiatric Hospital.”

Our SpiceHead at the Psychiatric Hospital meets another SpiceHead, and they are given meds, some fast shuffle therapy by a doctor, and a sandwich from the kitchen, and  sent in a Department of Health minivan, that transports them, in a six hour ride to one of the only cities in New Mexico with a shelter-mission, Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Our point:   Instead of giving SpiceHead, as some cities do, a One-Way Ticket Out Of Town on Bus with the other homeless folks, why not treat the addiction, and detox the poor soul! Better?

Better yet, why not confiscate the SpiceBusiness holdings to pay for detox, and more housing? San Diego considering this ticket to ride policy, but should they not instead invest in detox, or bust the SpiceBusiness owners. Other cities give different sort of tickets to ride, a ride from NM Department of Health, from Las Vegas Asylum (who does not do the detox) all the way to Las Cruces or Albrqueuque, or to El Paso, which has the Mission or Shelter that might take a ‘cured’ SpiceHead, but again, no detox, no ‘real’ treatment, and no budget for one. Again, we need a strategy that addresses the fact that SpiceWorld, by definition is GlobalSpiceBusiness, and any one city is not up to busting that racket.

BACK TO THE PLAY: Our act about Viva Las Vegas, New Mexico, and  giving SpiceHead and homeless a sandwich and NM-Department of Health, 6 hour mini-van ride from Las Vegas, to the former NM Territorial Asylum, built 1889, closes with Lyrics & Music Presley Heartbreak Hotel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dh1dfizufM0

We bring Ruth Rivas from Spice Is Note Nice, on center stake to give witness to what happened to her son Adam, when he became a Navy SpiceHead and committed suicide. Unfortunately, he did not find any mental health services, or the services, did not find him.


Ruth Rivas of http://spiceisnotnice.org – Guest star of ‘Early Christmas’ play (Dec 2nd 2015), sharing her personal story about the true nature of spice trade, and the results for her son.

Spice is epidemic. One in nine High School teens try it, And when drafted into the military about the same percent try it. And if they end up a homeless veterans, it becomes a low-cost self-med to escape the daily grind.


I went with the President of Veterans Theater, Ernest Ramey, and we filmed a Spice Buy, at a Smoke Shop in Las Cruces, New Mexico, just two days, after the police raided the place. A SpiceHead confided the code word ‘Blue’ for that day. We paid $10 to buy some SpiceDreams.


See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fWtF3t1Bgqs, We are film amateurs, but if you want to volunteer your videography talent, we can do a  proper SpiceBuy movie.

I play retried professor John Huffman.


Inventor of Spice is a University Professor, at Clemson, whose research with actual marijuana was rejected by Institutional Review Board. He published the Spice recipe in his journal articles, and the business people in Germany, then all around the world, began to manufacture Spice.”Beginning in 1984, Huffman and his team of researchers began developing cannabinoid compounds to aid in research of multiple sclerosis, HIV/AIDS, and chemotherapy” (Wiki).

We end the play with a RoundTable discussion of Spice. The Gift of Spice is Not Nice. We have some solutions to offer.

  1. Open up the Las CrucesTriage Center, now sitting empty, without budget. Currently there is No Funding for Triage Center, many end up here,
  2. Six countries have banned Spice, and the SpiceTrade. U.S. needs to be number 7.
  3. Each City and the State of New Mexico need to step up and get real detox for SpiceHeads, and really outlaw the SpiceTrade, and go after the SpiceBusinesses, the SpiceMarketers, the SpiceProducers, and ship them to the old New Mexico Asylum for the Insane in Las Vegas, New Mexico, for some SpiceBusinessHeadWork.
  4. Get some people working at the DVA, DOH, and HUD who can count. They are not good at statistics,
    • HUD is telling the nation there are fewer people in poverty, fewer in homelessness, fewer homeless veterans–  than what we are finding from using other kinds of methodologies for counting.



  • 1. HUD counts homeless at one point in time to get 578.424 in a week in January.
  • 2. DVA says veterans are being treated, and HUD says homeless veterans are now ‘functional zero’ but the real numbers are about the growing level of poverty, the death of the middle class in U.S. the bloat of the Upper .001 wealth class.
  • Fall_of_middle_class
  • Death_of_middle_class
  • In sum, the death of the Middle Class, as the Upper Class gets Rich from Spice Trade (an exaggeration, but in right direction).
  • 3. HUD calculates homeless in one annual count done in January, at the shelters, etc. But, in actual fact, homeless is not a static condition, not a static population, there are people falling into homelessness every week of the year, and so you have to multiple the HUD one-week estimate by 52.
  • 4. Why? When a first-time ‘homeless veteran’ leaves a shelter for a week, another first-timer takes their place, therefore multiple first-timers by 52 weeks in a year to get 3.5 million. There is homeless turnover, in both the sheltered and unsheltered population, as a steady stream of newly Fallen Middle Class, joins the Ranks of the Poverty Class in the U.S.
  • 5. Rather than HUD estimate, use the National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty “Each year, 3.5 million Americans experience homelessness, and over 7 million are at imminent risk.” http://www.nlchp.org/message


  • More SpiceHeads and Homeless are sheltered, one decades to the next, because # of shelters and mission beds have increased dramatically, from 275,000 beds to 607,000 in a decade
  • More and More SOUP KITCHENS  Feed the SpiceHeads and Homeless- In 1987 97,000 soup kitchen meals available in big cities, and by 1996, that number is up to 382,000.

In sum, Don’t Give the Gift of Spice at Early Christmas, don’t give a SpiceHead a ride to city with a Shelter or Mission, instead of more Shelters and Missions, build detox centers. Better yet, arrest the wealthy business owners profiting from the SpiceTrade in SpiceWorld and confiscate their estates to pay for the funerals of all the SpiceHeads.

How you can help?

We want to put on more Spice Plays, more Plays about the Real number of Homeless, and Homeless Veterans.

Donate to Veterans Theater GoFundMe – Thank you for your support.