EARLY CHRISTMAS, a FREE play presented 7PM Dec. 2nd at Rio Grande Theater, Las Cruces, New Mexico – blog by David M. Boje, Ph.D. Oct 2 2015

EARLY CHRISTMAS, a FREE play presented 7PM Dec. 2nd at Rio Grande Theater, Las Cruces, New Mexico


The SpiceBusinessMan sits in his mansion counting money. He is the Ebenezer Scrooge of Dickens’s worst nightmare.

New Mexico is becoming SpiceZombieLand. Our ‘Early Christmas” play on December 2nd at Las Cruces New Mexico’s Rio Grande Theater has one message: don’t give the gift of Spice as a stocking stuffer, because SpiceBusiness is making Zombies of both rich and poor, young and old.


The SpiceBusinessMan sells Diamond-grade Spice as Early Christmas Gift.

Spice is the ZombieMaker. Don’t Let the SpiceBusiness Owners Put Spice in your Early Christmas Stocking!

SpiceZombieCHRISTMASpast “Dear Mr. SpiceBusinessman, I am the SpiceZombie of Christmas Past!”Did you know, “Spice Took My Life?” I was eight years in the Navy, and I got seduced by a SpiceHead. He got me to take two tokes on a SpiceJoint. I vomited, convulsed, and went unconscious. After a few more SpiceTokes, I was addicted. I no longer wanted ‘real’ marjuana, the synthetic brand would do. I began to believe the advertising of the SpiceMarketeers, that Spice is harmless. I rationalized, ‘Hey, it does not show up on urine test, or a breath analyzer, so who is going to find out.’ My unit found out, so I took the easy out and commited suicide! Thank you Mr. SpiceBusinessman.

SpiceZombieCHRISTMASpresent“Dear Mr. SpiceBusinessman, I am the SpiceZombie of Christmas Present!” Did you know, “SpiceHeads are falling out, overdosing, and its more than New Mexico Health care can handle? Bunch of private heatlth care providers were put out of business by the State for not keeping accurate records of clients. New Mexico budget, again on the delince, so legislators are taking money away from Higher Education, which means, training less social workers, nurses, doctors, and administrators at New Mexico State University?” Did you know that in first two days of October 2015, our hospitals in Las Cruces, had 17 overdoses, and that two died. That is 17 overdoses and two dead in 48 hours! The health care system of New Mexico is so broke, it cannot afford the Spice Detection Kits at http://spiceisnotnice.org (free to non-profits). The Gift of Spice is Not Nice! Thanks M.r SpiceBusinessman.

SpiceZombieCHRISTMASfuture“Hey Mr. SpiceBusinessman, I know what you do is legal, since your factory keeps swapping out the chemicals that your workers spray on the poupouri. But did you know that the SpiceTrade is turning more and more people into Zombies. The Demon is out! $10 SpiceBag can me purchased at the Smokeshops, and then its cut into small baggies, and for $2 each the Middle and High School kids can toke up going to school. Did you know your product is so successful, its being over-consumed by the wealthy class, by professionals everywhere. Whose to know, sneak a Toke in the bathroom, then take a puff of a cigarette, and no one will know. Except, now everyone is getting seizures, termors, vomiting, and when conscious they are hallucinating, paranod, and so aggressive, they are so numb they are unable to speak, waking around all numb, in a daze. Welcome to the Future, and its called SpiceZombieLand! Mr. Businessman, what are you going to do about it?

ZombieSpiceLandThere are a few choices, a Gift Mr. SpiceExecutive, that you can give to New Mexico. Funds to open that unfunded TriCare building, some detox accessible to SpiceZombies, befure they have an entire SpiceZombieArmy, how about going to the Chamber of Commerce and return your membership, and go to Codes and turn in your Business License. Clearly you do not merit a Business License to produce, distribute, market, and profit from death. Mr. SpiceBusinessman, what are you going to do about it.

Mr. SpiceBusinessman, please Donate to Veterans Theater  to cover costs of this play and our next one, ZombieLand Business Goes Global, coming to a city near you.