Spirit and Science of Management and Organization Inquiry

Preface (continued)

Management and Organizational Inquiry (MOI) is only actualized as a system expressed in in Spirit, because “the spiritual alone is the actual” which has “being-in-itself” and relates to itself as itself in both other-being and being-for-self, which means “the Spirit that so developed knows itself as Spirite is Sciience” (Hegel, 1807: # 25).

Hegel’s Triadic begins with the sense making consciousness that is too impatient to learn about immediate spirit and get educated about what we today are calling Quantum ScienceI which has moved beyond the limits of Newtonian Science are Cartesian duality.  Quantum Science achieves its existence in the Spirit that transfigured the materiality essence, substance itself.  Hegel stresses, in anticipating Quantum Science, that “conversely, the individual has the right to demand that Science should at least provide him [or her] with a ladder to this standpoint” (Hegel, 1807: # 26).

The ladder is the Triadic, which necessarily begins with sense making (sense-certainty) and moves beyond the limits of sense making to the Spirit in the ground and into the soil of its existential form, the Quanum material entity.

MOI is stuck in an uncientific consciousness, staying put in sense making retrospection, limited to the five senses, and refusing the Immediate Spirit, and not allowing materiality content to matter, nor its patterns and processes. IN the Triassic (sense making-Spirit-Quantum Science) is what Hegel anticipated in the “process of coming-to-be” both content and pattern (# 27).

THe sense making of positives in the uneducated sense making, can only locate an incomplete Spirit. “In a Spirit that is more advance than another, the lower concrete existence has been reduced to an uncpicuous moment” or a trace level behind in Qunturned that shadowy outline between Spirit and pattern (# 28).

In short, MOI has reduced its attempt at Science to som mere facts, a few experiential exercises, and some games to keep students engaged in devouring the MOI schematic, while ignoring both Spirit and SUbstance, and the Spirit of Substance.

By learning the initial lessons of sensemaking dialectics, and then questioning the limits, it is possible for MOI to move along on its journ to World-Spirit, where there is the enormous task of storytelling the world-history, in all its embodied shapes (# 29).

The journey to Quantum Science, for MOI, is about the actuality of waves collapsed to a possibility.  This means the embodied shape of quantum being-in-itself. It is here that the Triadic is active in three folds, Sensemaking, World-Spirit, and Quantum Science.

MOI requires a resignation, a reorientation, beyond the limits of the sensemaking domain, so that a Spirit can actualized in Science that is fit for our Quantum age.

This will means paying attention to what Barad (2007 calls spacetimemattering, the inseparability of space-time-matter without dashes. It also means attending to the Spirit, to transmutation in Quantum, the strange relation of materiality with discourse.


Hegel’s Triadic allows MOI to learn that Spirit is Science, and Science can be QUantum not just locked into positivism.